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Keylord Business Solutions Limited (“Keylord”) is a commercial consultancy firm in Hong Kong, offering a complete range of business services in Global Company Incorporation, Corporate Services, Finance & Accounting, Tax Advisory, Business Strategy and Operations & Administration Management to the clients worldwide.

From the time you decide to do business in Hong Kong, Keylord can help you to draw up your business plan, register your legal entity, apply for your working visa, and assist in office space searching. We strive to make your transition with the eminent city for international business will be a smooth and easy process.

Hong Kong, with the name of » The Pearl of Orient «, its enduring appeal is built on political stability, the rule of law, low tax rate, free market principles, free flow of information and Chinese & English as the language of business. With the mixture of Oriental and Western cultures, and the unique precise with fast pace of life, Hong Kong has become one of the world’s most business-friendly cities. Keylord, born and grow in HK, inspired by the tradition and follow the attitude of «Work smart and efficient», leading us to provide splendid  services without hesitate.


We understand the characteristic of each jurisdictions of company incorporation, we insight deeply into the special requirements for Hong Kong taxation and we vision Hong Kong is the perfect base for companies that want to do business in Mainland China and across the region. We believe Keylord’s people, defined as capability, efficacious, professionally trained and are committed to deliver excellent services at all times to all walks of life.


We keen to be the brilliant and ingenuity business partner and pioneer to the organizations seeking cross-border business solutions. We aim to deliver top quality services to all our customers regardless of size of firm, service fee or difficulty of work. We set our assurance as follows:

We wish to build up a long term relation with our valuable clients and support their start-up, continued expansion and prosperity. We understand “doing business” is not an easy mission, we wish to be a dynamic navigator proficiency in proactive advice helping clients in the unexpected business market.