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Our services

Operation & Administration

Keylord understand that the companies, especially for the star-up companies, may require operation support like office rental, website design, IT support and translation services. Although we are not the relevant services provider, but we do sincerely recommend the following services provider.

Office Rental

Regus, www.regus.hk

Regus provide the services offices worldwide, they have over 3,000 offices in 12 countries and 17 offices in Hong Kong. They offer flexible working space and rental contract. Client can design the tendency agreements according to their actual requirements.

Website Design

Sam Style, www.sam-style.com

Sam is an experienced website designer, at the same time, he is also is the key person of a company. Sam will offer quality services with competitive price to the clients referred from Keylord and will handle the client from Keylord directly.

IT Support

Sam Style, You compose the article on your own, expect to experience a lot of stress, especially in the function that you lack the writing skills and knowledge about essay writer service Is exactly what you will require. A dependable essay writing service will make use of information you provide to make sure to obtain content written from scratch that satisfies your needs. Locating a worthy


Sam Style is very proficient in e-marketing, such as Google AdWords, Online shop set up.